Patient Safety Remains a Worrying Priority for Many Medical Establishments: Technological advancements in a Physical Security Command Center help crisis management teams centralize threat analysis across multiple areas.

Patient-initiated violence in hospitals and medical healthcare facilities remains a major societal problem. A 2017 report from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics tells the story of how healthcare personnel are up to 5 times more likely to experience workplace violence compared to the average American worker. Cases of patient violence, waiting room disturbances, and emergency room outbursts are just a few of the daily incidents healthcare workers must encounter – finding solutions for patient safety is a top priority for those managing the security of a healthcare facility.

Patient Security Starts with a Crisis Management Team

Almost all hospitals have a dedicated crisis management team. A crisis management team is the holistic way healthcare facilities plan patient safety goals and prepare for comprehensive security measures. Setting aside a crisis management team allows for proper planning and preparation that can prevent unnecessary chaos while preserving the professionalism within the facility. This allows medical organizations to put patient and staff safety first while maintaining quality healthcare services.

Security managers, doctors, top hospital staff, and even law enforcement representatives join to ensure that safety is of utmost priority. It’s the job of the security manager alongside the crisis management team to maintain communication across all security sites and partners, such as law enforcement. There are three parts to ensuring your crisis management team is always prepared for any incident:

  1. Maintain communication in real-time to avoid discrepancies and rising safety hazards
  2. Optimize central surveillance with integrated security frameworks for enhanced observation
  3. Ensure dispatching of security personnel is quick and efficient

Real-Time Feedback for an On-the-Spot Patient Safety System

When security guards are performing tours, it’s essential that security managers and supervisors know what is happening in real time. To not do so runs the risk of missing critical information needed to prevent potential incidents from occurring. A benefit to knowing the status of each guard tour – when it’s in progress, when it’s complete, and if any checkpoints have been missed – is that a guard’s actions are always accounted for.

Centralizing Communication Efforts During a Crisis Reinforces Patient Safety Goals

From officer location, shifts to critical events, a command center enables security managers to view all information from one central location. This would include lone worker alerts, ongoing late/missed shifts, incidents, and workforce documentation, ensuring on-the-spot incident response and workforce compliance. If an incident does arise, mass notifications and push-to-talk (PTT) allows security supervisors to provide assured rapid communication across the entire workforce.

Solutions for Patient Safety starts when technology can help mitigate high risk areas, like surrounding hospital parking garages.

Ensuring a Powerful Response with Guard Tracking and Dispatching Enhances Patient Security

When supervisors can view the status, availability, proximity and estimated drive times to incidents, security managers can rest assure that dispatching security personnel will be quick and efficient. A 24 hour historical view of all guard tracking allows security managers to prove their value and to show their workers view patient security with upmost importance.

Finding Solutions for Patient Safety Requires a Team Effort

Patient safety goals for medical facilities should involve a reliable communications platform, a vigilant crisis management task force and real-time feedback. Above everything else, security managers should always ensure that guards and security personnel are well-prepared in the event of any incident or emergency. Healthcare facilities should be ready to seek out the most prompt response to ensure that operations remain unaffected.

Partner with a Team-Player Equipped with the Latest Technology for Enacting Patient Safety Goals

Trackforce Valiant is a solutions provider of the latest developments in security management. Our Centralized Command Center acts as a one-stop digital hub that makes it easy for medical staff to mobilize the security assistance they need. The system runs smoothly on all major internet browsers and provides critical case information through categorized priority levels.

The command center also provides an organized user interface that checks in on active security officers, shift changes and patrol routes – giving your security team complete control over your security.
Through the combination of an efficient crisis management team and versatile command center as an integrated solution set, healthcare security will be better prepared in developing the most effective solutions to preserve patient and staff safety.

Trackforce Valiant provides organizations with a comprehensive set of communication tools that revolutionizes security management. Our advanced platforms and services will optimize the coordination, response times and effectiveness of your patient security systems. Contact us for a demo to learn how we can help bring safety and security to your facility.