Trackforce at Expo Seguridad

Trackforce had the pleasure of joining more than 350 exhibitors at Expo Seguridad in Mexico City on April 24th to the 26th. Expo Seguridad Mexico is a national and international exhibition that brings together nearly 16,000 visitors interested in security products and solutions. In case you missed us at Expo Seguridad, here is a quick recap.

During Expo Seguridad, Trackforce showcased its software solution that improves security officer accountability and productivity. During the 3-day conference, we connected with many security professionals and showcased our software platform. There was never a dull moment as the team was busy conducting back-to-back demos over the course of the show. Visitors got a first-hand look at our easy-to-use security workforce management solutions. They were most impressed with the ability to track security officers and have more insight into their activities. Expo Seguridad was exciting, fast-paced, and lively.

What We Showcased During Expo Seguridad


m-Post is a mobile app built for on-site and mobile security officers to increase their productivity and accountability. Once officers are armed with m-Post, our software tracks and generates metrics in real time which increases transparency. Everything they need lives in a single, powerful app, so it’s easy to be productive and proactive in the field. Officers can easily complete incident reports in real time using a mobile device and add pictures and videos to ensure that no details are left out. m-Post increases officer productivity, giving security companies the opportunity to grow their business, not their headcount.


Post is a desktop application for security officers that increases their efficiency and accountability. Whether officers are stationed at a checkpoint, lobby, or workstation, Post simplifies the way they manage visitors, reports, incidents, and activities, saving time and resources. Post enables operations managers to improve efficiency and manage more sites while maintaining a high standard of service. Our solutions track and generate metrics in real time, which increase transparency and productivity. Post brings automation and a new level of customization to security operations.

We want to say thank you to Expo Seguridad and to everyone who visited our booth. We’ll be back next year. Missed us at Expo Seguridad? Our next stop will be Securex in Johannesburg, South Africa from May 22nd to the 24th. We will also be at Preventica in Lyon, France from May 29th to the 31st, and at Security Forum in Barcelona, Spain from May 30

Trackforce Expo 3

th to the 31st. Visit us at either event or contact us for a demo today.